Free Spins Can Bring You Big Winnings

If you have listened to someone that happens to play the slots, then no doubt you have heard them use the words free spins. This happens to be one of the extra features that many of the more modern slot games have to offer players.

Slot games are powered by casino slot game providers which develop the different slot games. In order to make the games more enticing, they will add additional features to it. One of these is the free spins features.

In order to be able to take advantage of this extra addition to the slot games, you are going to have to find free spins features that are applicable to specific slot games according to the individual slot software providers.

The way it usually works, is that in order to be awarded this feature, you will have to gather a group of winning icons according to the theme. This winning combination will then trigger the free spins feature. Once this is done you will be allotted a certain number of free spins according to what the payout page of slot game dictates.

The free spins will usually activate automatically once you have won them. Each slot game will have its own distinct rules as to how the free spins mode works. Some will add extra wilds while in this mode. So not only are you being allowed to play without betting any money, you are getting greater chances of a win.

There are some slot games that will allow for re-triggering. What this means is if you land the winning icons again, that triggers the free spins. These will be added to the existing number of free spins that you have left. Whatever combination of wins you get during the free spin mode will pay you out according to your bet. Don’t forget though sometimes there are extra multipliers that will show up in this feature. That means that whatever you have won might be doubled or tripled.

The free spins mode is one that is very important to avid slot players. They love the fact that they are getting free spins without having to bet any money, plus they may have a better chance at getting some great wins!